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Go Like Yourself!

Founders of Go Like Yourself — Cindy Martin & Bruce Coffman — believe in writing one’s own unique story, regardless of outside pressures or judgment.  Their goal is to get their message into the minds and hearts of people of all ages so they simply feel better about themselves:

This isn’t about ego. It’s about choosing for yourself who you are and what you do. It’s about directing your own life – not to get noticed or get more followers. It’s about being true to yourself. Push your limits on the trail. Go for bold strokes with a paintbrush in hand. Reach for the high note that has always eluded you. Or do none of these. Do what feels good and what feels right – just for you and no one else.

Please take a moment to reflect on Bruce’s thoughts on A Good Place to Start in liking oneself…

Okay. “Go Like Yourself”—you get it.

But now what? I mean, how do you do that?

This should help!

I love to mountain bike. Have for 20 years, even led a chapter of Trips for Kids that took inner-city youth on mountain biking day trips. Beautiful sport. I mean, what could be more fun than riding your bike like a kid on dirt trails through the woods?

Technology has changed the sport in many ways. The bike itself: lighter, stronger, better designs—simply more fun. Plus how rides are tracked and recorded: GPS, smartphone apps, helmet cams—on and on.

So. What could be more fun than riding? How ‘bout this? Not just riding, but taking photos & videos along the way, then immediately afterwards uploading ride data and blasting out to your friends. Right?

Wait. I don’t allow myself anything electronic on my bike, just a cell in my pocket in case of emergency. Why not? To live (ride) in the moment. Versus thinking ahead to the posting. Then waiting and watching—who liked? who commented? who shared?

I’m not throwing stones. I still check to see who reacts to things I post. I probably check too much. But my rides are sacred. Just for me.

So. To Go like Yourself (you’ll want to write this part down):

  1. Find one thing you love or want to do, just for you. Either a one-time thing or something lifestyle, longer-term
  2. Do that thing, but don’t let anyone know—or maybe only your mom or someone close to you
  3. Feel good about what you’re doing, then feel good about what you’ve done—not due to any reaction 

Smile about it and know that you’ve won!

Like when you were a kid, just riding your bike.

For more information, please visit Go Like Yourself!

By: Bruce Coffman, Go Like Yourself


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